Shipping again.

The inventory has been scanned in and isosticks are shipping once again. If you placed an order in the past few weeks, it will ship within the next 1-2 business days.

Thanks again for your patience.


isosticks programmed and heading back to warehouse!

The inventory has been checked over, programmed, repackaged, and is on its way back to the warehouse. Things should be back to normal by the end of the week.

Thank you all for your patience!


Update to backordered inventory

The current inventory is finally being sent to me for programming and verification. It should arrive in the next few days, and be back on its way to the warehouse very soon.


New orders temporarily on hold

It has come to my attention that many recent orders appeared DOA due to not having been programmed at the factory. All current inventory is being sent to me for inspection and reprogramming, and orders will resume shipping as soon as this is complete.

If you have received an isostick for which your computer either cannot find drivers, or detects it as “Atmel DFU“, please submit a ticket and let us know right away.

For those placing new orders, please be patient as your order will be held until this process is complete. If you would like to cancel or adjust your order, just let us know.


Ticket system fixed

It has come to my attention that some tickets and messages sent via this website may have been lost due to a problem with our web server. If you attempted to open a support ticket or contact us between April 1-8 and have not yet received a reply, please submit your inquiry again.


Firmware Update Video Tutorial

Here’s another video from Adam of R Country Computer, this time showing how to update the isostick’s firmware. Thanks Adam!


Real-time development status

Many people have requested a dashboard showing the status of isostick firmware and software development. This is now available via Trello here: isostick dev.

While no Trello account is required to view the board, members are allowed to vote on issues. This will help us set our priorities, so please do vote on issues you want to see completed.


New BETA firmware r1677

Fixes errors when booting isosel from a card with many (1000 or more) files / folders.
The isostick was taking too long to build the list of ISO files on the card, causing a timeout.

NOTE: It seems this does not fix the bug in all cases. If you are experiencing this bug, please feel free to discuss it here EDIT: The forum links have changed, the topic may be found here.



New BETA firmware r1658

Fixes a buffer overflow in the firmware, which may lead to DiskReadSector errors when booting into isosel, particularly when you have lots of files on your microSD card.



New BETA firmware r1624

This firmware update fixes numerous bugs with isosel when you have more than 15 ISOs on your isostick.