International shipping is broken…

My apologies to all my customers outside the US, it seems Amazon is refusing to ship to you! 🙁

I have opened a support case with them and will email the announcement list, post on here, and tweet when this issue is resolved.

Thank you to all those who brought this to my attention. If you emailed me about this and did not get a response, I apologize, over half of my customer base is outside the US and there are many emails to read.


225 isosticks on their way to Amazon!

There’s 225 isosticks on their way to Amazon right now, scheduled to arrive Wednesday, December 18th. It may take up to 3 days for them to scan in all the isosticks, then they will be marked as In Stock.

Another 760 or so should be in stock shortly after Christmas, provided we can finish filing them down in time.


Slight delay

A shipment of 240 isosticks has arrived safely and it looks like they are all in working order! The build quality is excellent, the US manufacturer has done a superb job.

The bad news: In changing the board design for press-fit, I calculated a distance incorrectly, resulting in cards getting stuck or failing to click into place.
The good news: Only a 2-4 day delay is expected. Friends and family are being enlisted to help unpack the isosticks, file down the offending edge, and repack them.
We should still have ~200 isosticks in stock by the 21st, with the rest in stock the next week. (more…)


Production moving along smoothly

Quick update for those eagerly awaiting isosticks to get back in stock. The circuit boards are being assembled and are expected to be ready for test and pack-out by Wednesday. Today I have received the enclosures and retail boxes, both of which are perfect. Photos of the boxes below! (more…)


Wiki Spam Issues

It was brought to our attention today that a large number of spam accounts were created on the wiki over the past few months. Luckily they left the Tested Hardware and Tested Cards pages alone (which is also why we did not notice, but we’ll be watching now!).